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Krausz Industries, the creator of HYMAX, develops, designs, and manufactures market-leading smart products for repairing and connecting different types of pipes for potable water and sewage. Krausz offers a broad portfolio of solutions, including standard products that range from 1.5” to 70” and custom-made products according to customers’ needs.

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Progressive Pressure-Assisted Hydraulic Gasket

HYMAX dual sealing - HYMAX products feature mechanical sealing, similar to other products, which is achieved with the bolt closing mechanism, In addition, HYMAX® achieves hydraulic sealing using its progressive hydraulically-assisted gasket which self-inflates using flowing water pressure. The patented gasket self-inflates under rising water pressure conditions and exerts more pressure on the sealed pipe to maintain a perfect seal. 


Angular Dynamic Deflection

The hydraulic gasket is designed for another unique feature in all HYMAX® family products. It allows flexible angular deflection of up to 4° on either side of the product during installation, as well as dynamic deflection of 4° post-installation. This feature enables perfect sealing even under unstable ground conditions and temperature fluctuations and reduces the risk of future breaks.

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Wide Range Couplings

HYMAX® family of coupling solutions offer innovative engineering and design, enabling fast stab-on installation, outstanding flexibility, as well as extreme durability in any working conditions, including max. working temperature of 125°F. These unique advantages make the HYMAX® a cost-effective, high-performance choice for a wide range of field applications. The HYMAX® product line has been field-tested in over a million installations in North America. Its original version of a two-bolt wide-range coupling has proven itself a game-changing product that set new industry standards.

Krausz keeps a high level of inventory in several sites across North America, offering short lead times, supporting our customers in emergency repair situations. HYMAX couplings come in 1.5″ to 60″ pipe nominal size. Per customers’ requests, we design custom-made products including extra-wide sizes, providing quality solutions for pipe repair, join and restrain applications, using diverse products and superior quality raw materials.


Wide Range Coupling and Repair Solution

The HYMAX® VERSA product family (formerly Versamax) provides a highly versatile stainless steel coupling solution for connecting and repairing a wide selection of water and wastewater pipes. HYMAX VERSA products stand out for their outstanding durability and flexibility and are exceptionally well-suited for hot soil conditions.

HYMAX VERSA products can join pipes with the same or different diameters as well as repair holes and cracks. This multi-functionality, along with extra-wide tolerance, enables customers to maintain smaller inventories and save stock costs and shelf space.

See how one HYMAX VERSA provides an ideal solution for the repair of BELL JOINT and SLEEVE JOINT.


Wide Range Restraint Couplings

HYMAX GRIP®  joins and restrains a wide selection of pipes of different types and diameters, easily and reliably. Due to its patented design, it allows the joining of pipes of same or different materials and diameters with unmatched ease.

This market-leading restraint coupling family, invented and manufactured by Krausz, features a unique radial gripping system suitable for both metal and plastic pipes, combining a top-facing two-bolt grip coupling that enables quick and easy installation. The HYMAX GRIP’s patented gasket effectively transforms the pipe joint into a flexible connection and allows dynamic deflection of the pipe of up to 4 degrees per side, reducing future pipe cracks and breaks. The GRIP is made of highly durable ductile iron, and can withstand working temperature of up to +125°F, truly the perfect product for a fast and reliable restrained connection. HYMAX GRIP meets or exceeds standards AWWA C219, NSF-61 and NSF-372.


Wide Range Repair Solution

New HYMAX CLAMP® wide-range stainless steel clamps are excellent for repairing holes as well as longitudinal cracks in water and wastewater pipes. Their special design substantially reduces inventory and on-vehicle product stock since one HYMAX CLAMP® can be used to replace up to three traditional competitors’ clamps.

HYMAX CLAMP is extremely efficient and cost effective, reliable and easy to install. With only two bolts to tighten (in lengths up to 12”), new HYMAX CLAMP is one of a kind. The enforced bolt holders (registered patent) enable easy installation by one person working alone.


Dedicated Couplings

HYJOINT Coupling products, available with NBR gaskets, are a complete line of dedicated-range couplings for joining IPS, PVC and steel pipes* of the same diameter. All HYJOINT products feature a stab-on design,* two or four top-facing bolts, and require no disassembly for installation, enabling them to be installed in just seconds. They are available in a broad range of diameters, from nominal pipe size 1.5” to 24”.