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Copperhead Industries

As industry leading tracer wire suppliers, we strive to deliver a product that’s strong and durable, is corrosion-resistant, cost effective and delivers superior performance. 


Complete Tracer Wire System

To improve locate accuracy and efficiency, you need Copperhead’s Complete Tracer Wire System including Copperhead tracer wire, SnakePit™, SnakeSkin, and Cobra access boxes, grounding anodes, locking SnakeBite™ connectors, and the ViperMag locator. You’ll get end-to-end reliability helping you pinpoint the location of the underground utility.


Specify. Install. Locate.

It’s that easy.  Copperhead’s Complete Tracer Wire Systems provide the most reliable, efficient, accurate locate signal on underground utilities in the industry. Copperhead® Industries is the world’s largest copper-clad steel tracer wire supplier, engineering tracer wire to match specific installation methods. Specifying the right tracer wire has never been more important. Protect your investment. Protect your infrastructure. Specify Copperhead.

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Open-Cut Tracer Wire

Trenching or plowing, commonly called open cut, is a common way to connect utilities. Open cut can only be used when the ground above the utilities can be disturbed, and there are no buildings, roadways or other obstructions in the way. Copperhead® High Strength Reinforced Tracer Wire is most commonly specified for this application.

High Strength Reinforced Tracer Wire:

  • Provided exclusively by Copperhead Industries
  • Superior impact strength – two times the tensile break strength of solid copper
  • Fully annealed high-carbon steel inner core gives the product it’s resiliency, strength, all allows it to stretch more than 15 percent to accommodate ground movement
  • Reliable – combines the strength of fully annealed high-carbon steel and the conductivity and corrosion resistance of solid copper
  • 11 percent lighter than solid copper-lower freight expenses
  • Virgin high density polyethylene coating offers strength flexibility and superior protection underground

SuperFlex tracer wire is the intelligent alternative to solid copper used for light duty open cut applications.

SuperFlex - an intelligent alternative to solid copper:

  • Flexible – like working with solid copper

  • Economical – saves you money

  • 11 percent lighter than solid copper – lower freight expenses

  • Durable – virgin high density polyethylene coating offers superior underground protection

  • Stronger – superior impact and breaking strength

  • Easy to install – reduces labor costs

  • Inner core allows wire to stretch to accommodate ground movement

Horizontal Directional Drilling – SoloShot™ EHS

Directional Drilling is ideal for bores that need to go under roads, sidewalks, buildings, or existing land that cannot be disturbed. This allows utilities to be connected from one side of the obstruction to the other without disturbing or destroying what lies above. SoloShot Extra High Strength (EHS) is the only tracer wire you’ll need for HDD applications.

SoloShot EHS - Extra High Strength

  • Six times the breaking strength of solid copper
  • Practically eliminates costly re-bores
  • Fewer re-bores means reduced material/time costs
  • Weighs less, which means lower shipping costs
  • Copperhead tracer wire has virtually no scrap value, reducing the threat of job site theft

Pipe Burst – SoloShot™ Xtreme

Pipe bursting is a trenchless method of replacing buried pipelines or to expand a pipeline’s carrying capacity by replacing smaller pipes with larger ones. By utilizing this method, these jobs can be completed without the need for a traditional construction trench. Launching and receiving pits replace the trench needed by conventional pipe-laying. SoloShot Xtreme is the only choice of tracer wire for this application.

SoloShot Xtreme Strength

  • Eliminates broken tracer wire and costly re-bores
  • Superior strength – 4,700 lbs of breaking strength
  • 1,000 lbs. stronger than 3/16 stranded stainless steel and equally flexible
  • 50-mil coating of tough, durable high density polyethylene (HDPE) insulation
  • 21 percent conductivity – significantly more conductive than stainless steel providing a better signal for a more accurate locate

DryConn® 3-way Direct Bury Lug and Twist Connectors

The DryConn 3-way Direct Bury Lug eliminates the need to cut the main line, installs in less than a minute, and is perfect for connecting services to the main line. The outer lid locks down in three places keeping your connection free from contaminants. The Twist connectors, with or without strain relief, are great for splicing lines. All DryConn connectors are pre-filled with dielectric silicone sealant that never hardens making them waterproof and corrosion proof.