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Wager's Wastewater Division offers our customers a very unique line of Odor Control Vent Valves. These are designed to protect the environment from the hazards of H2S gas being emitted from lift stations, wet wells, gravity lines, and wastewater treatment plants.

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Inflow & Overflow Valves

This animation illustrates how the 1700 series allows for ventilation in the open position (green arrows). In the event of a flood situation, the ball float will rise and check preventing any water and debris from entering the lines.

When the flood waters recede, the ball float returns back to it's original position and allows for ventilation once again.


Odor Control Valves

Our media is engineered in pellet form to allow for excellent airflow through the media bed. Pellets use a chemisorption process that change the molecules in the H2S gas into a non-toxic, odor free compound. It is non-toxic, landfill disposable, and UL rated. Wager’s media has a removal capacity of 47% by weight. It has an efficiency rating of 99.5 % in initial removal. A complementary lab analysis of the media is offered after a 12 month period to help determine the remaining life of the media. Feedback from our lab will greatly assist in determining the proper PM maintenance program for each vent site.

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Inflow & Overflow Valves

Odor Control Valves