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URECON's U.I.P.® processed pipe is insulated with rigid polyurethane foam, the best insulation commercially available on the market today. Founded in 1969, Urecon has been pre-insulating pipe with its void free U.I.P.® insulation process since 1972 out of St. Lazare, Quebec and since 1981 out of our Calmar, Alberta plant. With our system, the pipe is pre-insulated in our factory and arrives on the job site ready to install.


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Pre-insulated Pipe

Urecon's patented insulation process ensures a homogenous, void free layer of rigid polyurethane foam insulation, bonded directly to the entire pipe surface. Our insulation system may be applied to virtually any type of core pipe on the market today, from 13 mm (½ in) to 1200 mm (48 in) in diameter, with or without electric tracing conduit.


Heat Tracing

To compensate for heat losses and to maintain a minimum temperature (i.e. to prevent freezing), an electric heat tracing system can be used. In most cases, a THERMOCABLE® heat tracing cable is pulled into trace conduits in long circuit lengths, after the pipes have been field assembled. These trace conduits are factory applied to the pipes prior to insulating and are tested to ensure that no foam has entered into the conduits during the foaming process.

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Pre-Insulated pipe is used to reduce heat loss and prevent freezing on both buried and above ground applications – with or without integral heat tracing. Urecon offers a complete computer assisted engineering service providing such information as: heat loss, time to freeze, fluid outlet temperature, minimum flow rates, tracing wattage required, heat gain, etc., all based on the specific requirements of each project. Contact Urecon for custom calculations.